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You Should Know About Customer Surveys

About Us


Retention Resource Center, LLC was founded by Terri Schepps in 2007. RRC provides service to clients worldwide.  We partner with our client to cultivate customer relationships.   Our clients can count on us to work within budget and measure achievements through success.


Organizations need results, especially when it comes to customer retention, customer experience, referrals and testimonials.  What sets us apart from others is our ability to focus on specific objectives and our client satisfaction.

Our core services include:

Customer Experience Audits
Customer and Employee Surveys
Customer Experience Reports & Analytics

Terri Schepps’ Bio

Terri Schepps AvatarMs. Terri Schepps has been immersed in customer satisfaction for over 20 years. Her experience as a business owner, entrepreneur and executive has allowed her to relate to the many challenges businesses face. Terri offers expertise on customer retention generating profitable results for her clients.

Terri is recognized internationally as a customer retention expert. She has authored “The ABC´s of Customer Retention” and has published several retention focused articles. Her natural role in creating positive relationships inspired her to start her own business. She is committed to provide a unique and quality service to many types of organizations and industries, large and small, private and public, non-profit and profit.

She is the founder and CEO/President for Retention Resource Center, LLC. She also co-founded Integrity For You, Inc. in 2000, a customer contact service providing millions of contacts nationally and globally. Her passion is learning, writing and speaking. She readily shares her knowledge to help other leaders understand the impact of one to one contact with customers and prospects. In addition to her professional memberships, Terri is active civically in the Dallas, Texas community. She is married and has four children.

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Customer Retention is an investment with high returns.

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