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You Should Know About Customer Surveys


RRC provides dramatic, decision making results utilizing customer feedback.

Customer Experience Audits

So how do organizations solicit feedback, keep customers coming back, and get customers referring others?   It all starts with a strategy; not a canned strategy, but one that is unique to the organization, easy to implement and provides measurable results.  RRC offers a customer experience auditing process to document current customer initiatives and identify gaps and missing opportunities.  The deliverable to our client is achievable strategies.


Customer and Employee Surveys

While many organizations use surveys, many are disappointed with participation or lack decision making reports.  Customer and employee feedback is a powerful tool.  Those offering a “Culture of Feedback” enjoy the benefits of real time information with a competitive advantage.  The measurable results are more business, positive reviews, and referrals.


RRC works with our clients to design a survey which meets organizational objectives while maximizing participation.  We mix metric driven questions with open ended questions to increase the value of the feedback provided.  Reports are customized and include results, score card, easy to read charts and recommendations based on feedback.


Customer Experience Reports

What good is a survey without a comprehensive report?  RRC designs surveys with decisions in mind.  How will decision makers read the feedback provided?  Our approach before survey design begins is to learn what information is most important in making decisions?   Objectives and the end result, the report, must drive the design.    The Survey Score Card allows at-a-glace metrics for easy assessment.


We guarantee you will be satisfied with the level of service we deliver! Try it out and see the results for yourself.

We offer easy solutions to meet most budgets. To best match your needs it starts with finding out more from you.

  • 1. Consultation – a 30 minute over the phone consultation – Needs Assessment
  • 2. Proposal – We will send you a detailed proposal outlining our recommendation(s) and pricing
  • 3. Agreement/Scope of Work – Sent for your review and signature
  • 4. Work begins and updates are sent as agreed

Customer Retention is an investment with high returns.

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